Our Dental Team

Team Dental in Denver, CO | Downtown Denver DentistOur dental assistants, dental hygienist, and administrative staff are highly trained and capable of providing an exceptional dental experience. Our hygienist and assistants are excellent communicators with a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Our administrative staff will help you schedule appointments and make financial arrangements.

“The heart and soul of our practice is the wonderful team members that we have in our office. You will have an experience in our office unlike anything you’ve ever had before. Our team is dedicated to making your experience in our office comfortable, relaxed, and informative. I’m exceptionally proud of the team we have in our office. Their dedication to our patients is unmatched!”
~Dr. Gary Radz

We didn’t just bring these folks on board for their knowledge and expertise in dentistry. It was important to us that we find staff members who are happy, friendly, and outgoing, so your visits will as convenient and comfortable. As a team, we are committed to providing you with excellent service, extending well beyond office visits.

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