Denver Athletes Prevent Injuries with Custom Mouthguards from Dr. Radz

When someone mentions protective gear for athletes, you probably think of helmets, shin guards, or knee pads. But here’s a surprising fact most people don’t know: of all sports injuries incurred, up to 40% involve an athlete’s face. Your precious smile may be at more risk than you’d realized! At Dr. Radz’s Denver office, we provide comfortable, effective, custom-made mouthguards to minimize possible injuries to your teeth and jaw. Whether you’re a hockey player or a skateboarder, a professional mouthguard can keep your teeth safe during activity.

There are several types of mouthguards available, including ready-made mouthguards you can buy at a department or sports apparel store. But mouthguards that are not made specifically for your mouth and with your needs in mind can be bulky, inhibit normal breathing and speaking, and be difficult to keep in your mouth during play.

Because of these issues, ready-made and mouth-formed mouthguards often have poor compliance rates, meaning people aren’t using them as much as they should. Dr. Radz fabricates mouthguards that are practical, allowing you to breathe and speak during use, and comfortable, so athletes will continue using them properly and regularly.
As a general and preventive dentist, Dr. Radz offers customized, professional solutions to diverse dental issues. If you’re an athlete or the parent of an athlete, and you’d like to learn more about a custom mouthguard, call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gary Radz. Our dentistry practice is conveniently located in downtown Denver.