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Before and after photos will give potential patients a good idea of the quality of work we perform at our Denver dentist office and will give you an idea of how each cosmetic dentistry procedure will enhance your smile. For patients who want a personalized approach, consider our digital imaging services where we can provide you with a computerized image of what your new smile will look like. This service is provided so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment plan.
Our digital photographs allow the dentist to display his unique skillsets as both an art and science and helps patients understand the possibilities available to them. Dr. Radz designs smiles that have taken years of training and education to create and loves patients to be rewarded with all his hard work. We encourage you to look through our before and after photos and get a good idea of the quality our office provides. Contact us today to get started on your cosmetic dentistry treatment and you may grace the pages of this website with your picture!
Click a link below to view that procedures before & after photos:


Veneers Veneers Photo Veneers Photo 2 Veneers Photo 3 Veneers Photo 4 Veneers Photo 5
Downtown Denver Veeners

Replacing Old Dentistry:

Old Dentistry Gallery in Denver, CO | Downtown Denver Dentist Veneers Photo 6 Veneers Photo 7 Veneers Photo 8 Veneers Photo 9 Veneers Photo 10


Orthodontics Photo1 Orthodontics Photo 2

All Ceramic Crowns:

Crown Photo 1 Crown Photo 2 Crown Photo 3 Crown Photo 4

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth Whitening Photo 1 Teeth Whitening Photo 2 Teeth Whitening Photo 3

Encore Bridges:

Encore Bridges Photo1 Encore Bridges Photo 2

All Ceramic Bridges

All Bridges Gallery in Denver, CO | Downtown Denver Dentist All Bridges Gallery in Denver

No Prep or Partial Veneers Before & After Photos:

Veneers Gallery in Denver Veneers Gallery Photo 1 Veneers Gallery Photo 2 Veneers Gallery Photo 3 Veneers Gallery Photo 4

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