Looking for a Lumineers Dentist in Denver?

Are you interested in veneers but not interested in having your teeth grinded down in preparation for the treatment? If you answered ‘yes’ you probably have a lot in common with our other Denver Lumineers patients who have undergone this painless procedure with Dr. Gary Radz. Lumineers are known for transforming smiles quickly and without the necessity of numerous dental treatments that are otherwise required to get the smile of your dreams. With Lumineers you can avoid all the lengthy procedures that are traditionally required to get this kind of perfect smile.

Smile Makeovers Using Lumineers
You may have heard of smile makeover procedures on TV that help patients to transform their smiles. Smile makeovers are comprised of one or more cosmetic or restorative dental treatment that allows patients to have beautiful, vibrant smiles. The great thing about Lumineers is that many patients may be able to get that same smile with the Lumineers treatment! Lumineers can be used to fix the following dental problems:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Spaced teeth
  • Misshapen teeth

Lumineers in Denver with Dr. Radz
If you are not familiar with whom many would call Denver’s best dentist it is time to meet Dr. Radz. Dr. Radz is sought after by beauty queens, celebrities, fellow dentists and by major dental manufacturers for his experience and knowledge in cosmetic dentistry. He has invested a great deal of his life to perfecting the balance between art and health that allows patients to have the smile of their dreams. Should you decide that the Lumineers procedure is right for you, you can trust that the training of Dr. Radz and the staff at Denver Place Dentistry will give you the best smile with the most ideal results. We encourage all patients interested in any procedure to contact our office with any questions or concerns so that we can make you feel comfortable and keep you informed.

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