Zoom Whitening

Prep Your Smile for the Season with Zoom! Whitening from Dr. Radz

As many people do, you probably look forward to the holidays. The chance to catch up with family and friends, the good food, and the festive atmosphere mean you’ll have great reasons to smile during the next few months. If dull or yellow teeth are making you self-conscious, you might hesitate to express that holiday cheer. For patients interested in a quick and effective smile revitalization, Dr. Radz offers Zoom! Whitening, a system that drastically whitens teeth in a single, one-hour appointment at our downtown Denver dental office.

Restoring Your Smile
Your teeth get a lot of use during the day. They’re made of strong and durable enamel – the hardest substance in the human body –  so they can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. But as time passes, you may notice stains from wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, and even discoloration from medicine or aging. In-office Zoom! Whitening can erase many harsh stains, whitening your teeth by about eight shades.

The Zoom! Whitening Process
After you arrive for your Zoom! Whitening appointment, we’ll carefully cover your lips and gums with protective covering. Then we’ll apply pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth. A no-heat light source activates the Zoom! Whitening gel, and after three fifteen-minute sessions, you’ll have a dazzling new smile.

Spread the Joy
Whiter teeth can make a huge impact on a person’s poise and self-assurance. With  that in mind, consider purchasing a teeth whitening session with Dr. Radz for someone on your gift list. A small investment in personal appearance with Zoom! Whitening can pay big dividends. In fact, studies have shown that a bright smile increases personal and professional success, so give your loved ones renewed confidence for the holidays.

Dr. Gary Radz is an experienced cosmetic dentist who creates eye-catching smiles for Denver patients every day. For more information about Zoom! Whitening and to set up your teeth bleaching appointment, call our office today.