Waterlase Procedures

Waterlase Procedure in Denver, CO | Downtown Denver DentistThe Waterlase soft and hard tissue laser uses the energy from a laser and a stream of water, a process called HydroPhotonics, to perform dental procedures, eliminating the need for dental drilling and sometimes even anesthesia.
HydroPhotonics describes the interaction between the laser and the water that basically cuts without pressure, vibration, or heat. This technique delivers the same cutting and drilling results without requiring a lot of anesthesia because without heat, pressure, and vibration (the primary causes of pain), the Waterlase MD delivers superior results for both the patient and the dentist.

The benefits of the Waterlase MD on soft tissue procedures include the following:

  • Less bleeding– The Waterlase MD utilizes a gentle cutting action that causes less damage to soft tissue.
  • Less post-operative pain– With less damage and cleaner, gentler cuts, you will feel less pain when the anesthesia begins to wear off.
  • Less Swelling– Less damage results in less swelling and a decreased necessity for pain medication.

The benefits of the Waterlase MD on hard tissue procedures include the following:

  • The Waterlase MD removes tooth enamel decay– Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, and it is removed without affecting the surrounding areas.
  • The Waterlase MD reduces damage to healthy tooth portions– By minimizing trauma the Waterlase MD tool, unlike dental drills, avoids causing hairline cracks and fractures that can cause future dental health issues.
  • The Waterlase MD increases the bonding capabilities of dental composite resins– This results in a longer lasting restoration.
  • Children’s procedures require little or no injection anesthetic– Procedures such as cavity preparations, and maxillary frenectomies that would normally require one or more injections can now be performed, in some cases, without any kind of injection at all. This makes parents very happy.
  • Gum disease is eliminated in fewer visits with less pain– The accuracy and power of the Waterlase MD creates a targeted, aggressive treatment for gum disease, eliminating it much faster than with traditional treatment techniques.
  • Early detection of cavities before they become large– The use of the Diagnodent laser allows for earlier detection of small cavities that may normally be overlooked.

Because the Waterlase MD causes less pain and, therefore, requires less anesthesia, it can perform cavity preps in all areas of the mouth in just one visit. This makes it a very popular choice for a variety of dental procedures such as:

  • Decay removal
  • Cavity preparation
  • Root Canals
  • Smile design
  • Gum and bone surgical procedures

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