iTero in Downtown, CO Downtown Denver Dentist

Downtown Denver Dentist Dr. Radz offers iTero Digital Impressions for Precision and Comfort

Your Downtown Denver Dentist leads the way in advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry. At our modern, well-equipped practice, Dr. Radz uses advanced technology to increase patient comfort and deliver precise, efficient care. Always in pursuit of excellence, Dr. Radz adopts the tools that he considers to be the best. One of these leading-edge tools is iTero Digital Imaging.

Your comfort comes first with us. Traditional dental impressions can be messy, cause gagging or discomfort, and taste bad.  iTero replaces the tray and putty system with convenient digital imaging. This exciting technology allows Dr. Radz to deliver the progressive dental care you’ve come to expect from your Downtown Denver Dentist.

By gently placing the small, handheld iTero wand in your mouth, Dr. Radz captures highly detailed images and dimensions of teeth and gums. The images appear instantly on a monitor, so you and Dr. Radz can review them  together. The images can be sent to our lab technician for use in fabricating your custom dental work. With iTero Digital Imaging, Dr. Radz achieves an impeccable fit for custom crowns, bridges, and other restorations.

Benefits of iTero include:

  • Is more precise than a traditional dental impression
  • Takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete a scan – less time than a tray impression
  • Lets you take a break during the impression process, if needed
  • Is comfortable and safe
  • Use concentrated light, not radiation

Next time you visit our upscale Denver dental office, relax and know that your smile is in good hands. Renowned dentist, author, and lecturer Dr. Radz will use the best of modern technology to deliver clinically excellent dental care and a smile that lasts.

Call our newly renovated office today to schedule your appointment with leading Denver dentist Dr. Radz and experience the comfort and precision of iTero.