Cosmetic Dentistry

State-of-the Art Cosmetic Dentistry for Sensational Denver Smiles

Dentistry has evolved more in the past few decades than it has throughout the entire course of history. Computer science and technology, medical discoveries, and new clinical techniques allow Dr. Radz to precisely design and deliver gorgeous smiles, comfortably and quickly. As a trained cosmetic dentist, respected public speaker, and contributing author to many dental journals, Dr. Radz has to be ahead of the game. He constantly pursues the hands-on training and continuing education courses that will allow him to bring excellence to his patients. Dr. Radz also depends upon technology to provide a rewarding dental experience at every visit.

At Dr. Radz’s office, we use DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection and iTero digital impressions. Not only are these tools more precise, which contributes to predictable results, but they are also less invasive than traditional methods of cavity detection and impressions. With DIAGNOdent, you won’t have to endure dental probing with that silver hook. And iTero eliminates the need for messy, foul tasting impression materials.

Digital radiography is the modern alternative to traditional X-rays. You’ll be exposed to up to 90% less radiation, and X-rays will be immediately viewable on a monitor in the treatment room. Oftentimes, Dr. Radz reviews digital radiographs and intraoral images with our patients, pointing out his findings and explaining his recommendations.

For comfortable cavity preparation, gum disease treatment, and oral surgery, Dr. Radz relies on laser dentistry. Our Waterlase dental laser can be used on teeth, as well as gums. Preparing a cavity with a laser is much more comfortable than the dental drill! Lasers emit no noise, smoke, or vibration – the factors that make a drill intimidating and painful. Sometimes, anesthesia isn’t even necessary during laser cavity preparation. In gum disease therapy, the Waterlase or our diode laser removes bacteria from infected pockets between the gums and teeth. Laser gum treatment promotes quick reattachment for renewed support and oral health. Dr. Radz may use his soft tissue laser in surgical applications, as well, such as crown lengthening, cosmetic gum recontouring, and cold sore treatment. The laser seals tissue as it works, so no stitches are required. Gums heal faster because of minimal trauma.

If you’re ready to experience state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry, call Downtown Denver Dentist to schedule your consultation with Dr. Radz today! See for yourself some of Dr. Radz’ smile transformations in our smile gallery.
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