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Downtown Denver Dentist offers DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection for Comprehensive Checkups


With state-of-the-art DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection, Dr. Gary Radz is taking general dentistry to new heights. You see, before tooth decay (a cavity) presents itself, tooth enamel begins to show signs of demineralization. By finding and treating these areas early, Dr. Radz could save you and your loved ones from needing major fillings, crowns, or even replacement teeth later in life. The smaller the problem, and the earlier we find it, the less invasive the corrective procedure. This is true throughout dentistry. Left untreated, demineralization will become tooth decay, and if the decay is not treated, it can reach the blood stream and cause a host of problems, from an tooth death to a blood-borne infection that affects the entire body.

Preventive dentistry is the key to continued oral health, and Dr. Radz’s team will be your guide to a lifetime of smiles. DIAGNOdent uses light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, or simply put, a LASER, to scan teeth for demineralization and cavities. When the DIAGNOdent laser detects a problem, it records a measurement digitally and alerts us with a sound. Then the dentist can address each problem area individually. In some cases, a filling may not be required. In other cases, a filling is the best option. Dr. Radz prefers to place white, composite resin fillings when possible. White fillings will keep your smile healthy, strong, and natural looking.

Our goal at Downtown Denver Dentist is to give you a strong and healthy smile designed to last a lifetime. Call to schedule your DIAGNOdent scan and comprehensive checkup with Dr. Radz today, and experience the innovative tools that modern dentistry has to offer.