Dental Imaging

Digital X-rays: Safety and Convenience from Your Downtown Denver Dentist Dr. Gary Radz

At our Downtown Denver dental office, Dr. Radz cares about your safety and your fantastic smile! That’s why he uses digital radiography, instead of traditional X-rays, to obtain detailed views of your teeth and supporting structures. Digital X-rays provide innumerable benefits over older technology. They’re safer for you, with 90% less radiation emission. And, because there’s no harsh developing chemicals, digital X-rays are better for our environment as well.

Improving your oral health with safe, comfortable, and efficient care is at the forefront of everything we do. Dr. Radz is a leading Denver dentist, author, and lecturer who stays current with advances in dentistry. And one of the tools leading the way is digital radiography. Simply by placing a tiny sensor in your mouth, Dr. Radz can obtain a detailed view of your oral structures. He’ll display the image on a monitor so that you can see it, too – without ever leaving your chair. Safety, comfort, and a fabulous smile from your Downtown Denver dentist – now that’s service!

The benefits of digital radiography are impressive. In addition to reducing radiation exposure, digital X-rays:

  • Are more comfortable than traditional radiography – no more biting down on uncomfortable and awkwardly placed X-ray film
  • Provide detailed images that can be rotated, magnified, and adjusted for precise diagnosis
  • Are immediately available for viewing on chairside monitors
  • Help you become an active partner in treatment planning
  • Allow for easy retrieval and electronic transmission to specialists and insurance companies
  • Can be stored indefinitely and easily reproduced

Next time you visit our office, rest assured that your Downtown Denver dentist is doing everything he can to protect your smile, as well as your overall health. Our investment in state-of-the-art technology lets us provide safe, efficient dentistry for dazzling Denver Smiles! Call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Radz and discover the benefits of modern dental care.